Drawing graphics in Windows Mobile Applications without invoking Paint method

One day, I came over an article by Darren Shaffer, Microsoft Device Development MVP titled – “Implementing Transparency, Gradients, and 3-D Glass Effects on .NET Compact Framework Controls  “. This article briefly explains how you can manage to draw graphics in forms without calling Paint.

This is utilized by using a control called ScrollableControlEx, which allows you to create reference to graphics object dynamically, without entering Paint method. The article moreover explains how to create Cool looking apps, by utilizing native controls and P/invoking native methods to provide a 3-D Galss effects GUI.

You can view this article here – > Mobile Development.xps

The snapshot that shows what kind of application GUI can be possible (Windows Mobile 6)


I also tried to check out few things told in the tutorial, tried to make a simple clock, ruined my whole evening to do it (I started in evening and finished late in night, well just crossed to next day)

 Download SourceCode

Here are some snaps of the clock, I’ve made: (running on my Windows Mobile 5 phone)

The implementation is quite simple, and demonstrates the facility provided by ScrollableControlEx

image image

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