Cloak (A Console wrapper library)

Cloak is a Windows Command Line wrapper library written in .Net that supports executing your commands while completely hiding the underlying console and providing output back to your application. It also provides access to last error happened while the commands got executed.

Also included a demo console GUI : A GUI Application is also included that you can use to see for knowing how to interface your application to Cloak library.


  • Provides an interface to the console
  • Executes the command without ever showing the underlying the Console process.
  • Also gives you the last error during execution

Proposed Features for future releases

  1. To preserve the environment state between execution of different commands sets
  2. Validate the compatibility of powershell commands/scripts

Download CloakDownload Cloak source


string commands = "dir c: n"
                       + "del c:bootscan.log";
ConsoleHelper CH = new ConsoleHelper();
string Results = CH.ExecuteCommands(commands);
string Errors = CH.LastError;

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