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TwitPic API Library : TwiPLi

On last weekend, I have been playing around with TwitPic API.

Ok! The thing is that TwitPic API is not that much complex, since all TwitPic provides is that it lets you post your funny/sad looking pictures or any picture you want to post on it, so it can be shared on twitter or any other site.


Its pretty much easy to implement all you have to know is how to create a web request, parse a XML, and post Multipart/form-data. You can get complete reference to TwitPic API here:


Since, hosting pictures is a part of some web applications that, I write and will write in future. So, I wrote my own library in .NET framework, that I can use to post pictures on TwitPic. As usual being a lazy guy and considering that code and methods involved are straight forward, I’m not providing the details here but, still I’m giving link to the CodePlex hosted project page, where you can download the library and complete source code (under MS-Pl License)


I have documented code at many places, wherever I thought was needed. So, there is very small possibility that you would say the “Holy F Word” while going through it, still if you may want to say so.


CodePlex Project Link